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Kempinski Hotel
Update Gulf have been awarded 2 projects for Dubai's Kempinski Hotel, these include a Façade enhancement, We are installing all new external lighting and controls to a completely new design as part as an overall improvement of the façade.We are also completely refurbishing all of the 380+ rooms including the corridors.

The works will be done in 3 no. stages as the hotel remains live during the works. The programme set to give the hotel maximum occupancy after phase 1 completion before the start of the peak season. Phase 2 will start after the peak season, and phase 3 is a new “K Grill” restaurant and bar, plus executive lounges, meeting rooms, FOH and Spa.

Tourism & Cultural Authority
Update Gulf have also been awarded the MEP office fitout of the Tourism & Cultural Authority in Abu Dhabi, the offices encompass 14 floors of the new nation towers in Abu Dhabi. The total area is 12,000m2. The project consists of open plan office space, meeting and conference rooms, auditorium and dining/ breakout areas.